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I like a lot of things, fannish and not-fannish, but this journal is currently devoted to my Starsky and Hutch activity. I also keep a journal under the same name on Live Journal, for similar purposes, but the links there lead back here unless you use the Memories section to find posts in LJ communities.

I've written a little bit of fic, which tends to the short and snippety side. DW links are under the cut. If you'd rather read on the LJ comms where the fic was posted, check out my Livejournal memories section. Or you can read at Archive Of Our Own.

Same Old The mustache has to go.
Climatically Speaking A rainy night on stakeout
Fat Rolly drabble
Lightweight A tag to 'The Hostages'/
Sweat PWP
Whumpage Silliness.
Too Deep drabble Angst.
Waking Dream, double drabble Simon Marcus is creepy, natch?
Cowboy Dreams Hutch dresses up Western-style a lot.
Small Rituals A tag to Bloodbath
Cold Hands, Warm Heart A Halloween story for Spook-Me.
Missing scene from ACFS Double drabble
The Philosophers I wrote this as a Secret Santa but it's not christmasy at all.
Jeans drabble Mild angst
Fault drabble Set after 'Starsky's Lady'.
Sing drabble Both guys are considerate in their own ways.
The Important Things Future fic. Just two old guys having breakfast, but you should possibly approach this with caution.
Word Power Triple drabble to the prompt 'sex'. Slash, r-ish.
Flint and Steel Drabble to the prompt 'spark'. Gen and angsty.
Three Holiday Conversations My Secret Santa story for 2011, for Nicol. Gen and hopefully inoffensive. Also an actual holiday story.
Taking An Interest Het, drabble. Even when Vanessa wins, she doesn't.
A Gaslight Friendship My Big Bang story, so not short. Slash, historical AU.
Vendetta: Missing Scene Triple drabble. Gen and what the title says.
Musical Appreciation Double drabble. Starsky gives Hutch an earworm
One of a Kind After Gunther, Hutch got all sorts of offers.
Different Lenses Gen. My 2012 Secret Santa story for Nicky Gabriel

I've also written some ep reviews, so far just for season one. Again, if you want to read on lj the memories section at Livejournal notes my posts in lj communities.

The pilot
Savage Sunday
Death Ride
Texas Longhorn
The Fix
Death Notice
Kill Huggy Bear
The Bait
Lady Blue
Captain Dobey, You're Dead!
The Bait, Redux
Deadly Imposter

Links to picture posts

My Little Pony Silliness
Screencaps from The Fix
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