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Rafferty and O'Brien, aka Starsky and Hutch, attempt to take down a drugs kingpin.

The ep opens with two cool dudes cruising in their black convertible. Starsky is counting the money with a thoughtful expression, and Hutch is expressing the opinion that S's gross nature is intimidated by the trappings of success. Given what H usually drives and what he usually wears, I feel my eyebrow rising. H is in burgundy and cowboy hat, and S in white Travolta suit. I'm left wondering what H used to watch at the flicks as a boy, and whether he ever got that toy six-shooter and ten gallon hat that he requested for Christmas. And *H* picked out S's alligator skin boots. Ooh, la-la...

Starsky continues with his usual habit of riding with his arm stretched out across the back of the seat as they pull up in an alley. They meet up with another guy and there's an elaborate exchange of envelopes before the cops (the other cops that is) arrive. S and H make a break for it, S constrained by his shoes. I'm prepared to be charmed by PMG's acting choices as the guys charge down the alley, but those flailing hands make it a near run thing.

We cut to a brief shot of a young blonde woman claiming that she didn't know it was heroin before we rejoin S and H and the guy they met in the alley. A detective comes in, and instead of the 'he's Starsky, *I*'m Hutch' shtick, we have Rafferty and O'Brien instead. Starsky brings the naked chest and very nice it is too, H brings the smart arsery. We next cut to Dobey's office, where it's clear that S and H were arrested under the genuine assumption that they were criminals. Their captain is not happy that the lack of communication may have damaged the operation. However, he suggests that they try working with the young woman busted with the heroin to get closer to their mark.

Over a lobster dinner at what looks like Long Beach (I was there many a year ago. Locals, what's the setting?) S and H lay out their plan to Cheryl. The trio go on stakeout and H realises that one of Danner's goons can recognise him.

Cheryl's contact Connie runs what looks like a game arcade, and is wearing a green suit almost regency styled in the tightness and high waist of the pants. He and H take a mutual dislike to each other as the Hutchian index finger pokes at Connie's beautifully tailored torso. Connie also pimps and he suggests that Rafferty and O'Brien could show good faith by taking hookers off his hands, and the small break in H's undercover persona when he realises that one hooker is only about fourteen is nicely done.

Connie pumps Cheryl about where she's been, but she sticks with the deal she's made with the cops and fobs him off with excuses.

We meet Danner and Billy, his enforcer, as Danner enthuses over a stamp, and forebodingly expresses his suspicions of Rafferty and O'Brien, before we return to S and H and Cheryl once again meeting with Connie. H plays redneck hard ass and S plays the cooler partner, and they set up a buy of $65,000 worth of drugs.

Our boys meet Dobey at Huggy's. They haven't been good with the communication here either. Huggy doesn't recall who Rafferty and O'Brien are. Starsky spends the discussion massaging his feet - his insteps are still being pinched it would seem. S and H argue for the extra money they need but no dice. And Huggy shows that he is never at a loss in the small things as well as the large.

The trio head off to the meet in a skungy hotel, although Connie's place is rather nicer than the general ambience. Connie is not pleased that the money is only $50,000 but our guys are armed and ready, and H takes considerable pleasure in turning Connie's 'take or shake it' catchphrase back on him. Cheryl is relieved and surprised that S and H really are playing straight with her.

Danner and Billy discuss S and H's shorting of Connie. Danner is wondering about Cheryl's role. Cue more foreboding.

The trio are at Cheryl's apartment, where we get some of her backstory, and the story of her missing friend. Our guys drive off in a cloud of banter and Billy goes after Cheryl and beats her up for information and intimidation. Our guys arrange their flash money at Huggy's, but Dobey is suspicious of their lamb-like demeanours in dealing with the Fed guy.

Connie is waiting outside with a few friends and fisticuffs ensue. Even without the wonders of DVD technology I can see PMG's stuntie front and centre in shot. The guys realise they should check on Cheryl, and find her very distressed. They're an interesting combination of tender and manipulative with her. All cop, and they want their bust.

S and H go off to visit Pretty Billy. Starsky does the talking this time round, all flat pleasant menace. At the end of the 'discussion' H takes definite pleasure in living up to his role as the 'angry' one and smacking Billy around for his attack on Cheryl. Why is there often something homo-erotic about these sorts of intimidation scenes? I suppose it ties in to the fact it's a perverted form of intimacy, but it can certainly make uncomfortable viewing.

Dobey is quite right to have been suspicious of our boys' lamb-like acquiescence. If I'm reading the tone of this right, Hutch on purpose gave the Feds the wrong address. Hmm. Reckless much? Especially since he didn't tell Starsky about it. My goodness, S in his white suit stands out like a neon sign in the darkness of the warehouse. As it happens, it's an ambush rather than a meet anyway, and S and H make their escape, with H using Pretty Billy as a now dead human shield. They return to Huggy's and an irritated Fed. Dobey and S & H try to work out their next plan of attack to reach Danner. S doesn't think they've been made and wants to keep on with the operation.

Poor Cheryl must identify the body of her friend who tried to get out from under Danner, and she gives the guys a clue for good bait to draw Danner out - his interest in stamps. A fake burglary is announced in the local paper. I always wonder about this sort of thing. How does it tie in with journalistic ethics? Also, what happens if someone else attempts to follow up on the fake story?

Danner's thug, Shockley, is pulled in to get him out of the way of the bust. However, he meets a lawyer he knows down at the station. In the meantime, the interchangeable Rafferty and O'Brien drive to the meet at Danner's. Danner is in a quite sybaritic robe and looks like he's about to have an orgasm when he sees the stamp. It is indeed highly effective bait. The deal is going down beautifully when Shockley arrives and makes them as cops. I have to admit that my first thought when H tips Danner and the table into the pool is 'Oh, no! The stamp!' since I'm pretty sure that the show's stars are going to survive. However, S and H themselves don't have that assurance after all. But everyone, including the stamp, is safe.

The tag is Cheryl packing her bag to visit her friend's parents, and some S & H business and banter. Chinese pizza, huh?

This was actually pretty plotty when I come to write it all down. I like Cheryl well enough and Starsky in particular is very courtly towards her. Fair enough when they're dropping her in danger, even if she was already in a sticky situation. A fun, watchable episode.


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