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Dale ([personal profile] dalegardener) wrote2011-10-10 11:07 am
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Screencaps of The Fix

I wanted some good quality caps of that scene from The Fix, but had to wait until I laid hands on an external DVD drive to replace the broken one in my laptop. I may have gone a little crazy, so under the cut is not at all friendly to dial up users.

Rewatching this I'd forgotten how involved Huggy was in this scene too, which was naughty of me. But here he is, being a loyal, useful friend.



During the rewatch, I counted two 'boys' from Starsky. I'm left wondering who called him that to comfort him, because it shows up here and in the epic hug in Gillian, and he never calls Hutch that again, from recollection.


The first confrontation by the door. Starsky has just twisted the door lock - to slow down Hutch's escape attempts as much as to keep unfriendly strangers out.


The second confrontation by the door


It's like they're imploring each other here - first Hutch


and then Starsky.


And oh, just the utter dejection and shame here. Make me so sad for Hutch. All the while that this is going on, Huggy is on the other side of the room trying to get hold of Dobey.


But Starsky doesn't care about that, bless him.


So gentle here.


And Hutch hauls himself up - in more senses than one, perhaps.