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Written for Me and Thee 100 on LJ, to the prompt 'crossover'.

One of a Kind

Starsky held up the business card he’d discovered down the side of the couch. “Joe Rossi, Los Angeles Tribune,” he declaimed, before asking in more gentle tones, “Getting offers from the big boys after Gunther, blintz?”

Hutch leaned across Starsky’s body to take the card and tear it into confetti. “A high-class establishment paper like the Tribune doesn’t make ‘offers’. What it does is send pushy reporters to your front door demanding your contribution to the story of the century.”

Starsky settled more comfortably into the crook of Hutch’s arm. “Story of the century, huh?”

“They got their exclusive without me. I figured that Rossi looked ambitious enough to dig out his story on his own, and I was right.” Hutch stretched out his legs, and tightened the arm around Starsky’s shoulders, before saying quietly “I might have informally contacted him once or twice about side issues. I like the Tribune’s editorial stance.”

Starsky raised one eyebrow. “Informally as in anonymously? Does Huggy have competition?”

Hutch looked as embarrassed as Starsky had even seen him. “Huggy is one of a kind. And so are you.” He kissed Starsky’s temple, and Starsky smiled.

“Always knew there was something to recommend me.”
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This was written for the S&H Big Bang. Many thanks to Flamingo and [livejournal.com profile] dipslikeramon for organising and to Kat/[livejournal.com profile] sc_fossil for beta.

There is beautiful (and bandwidth demanding) artwork under the cut by Sonja, aka [livejournal.com profile] zebra_three. I am delighted that she picked my project to illustrate.

A Gaslight Friendship, 24,700 words. This story is suitable for older teen and adult readers because of scenes of violence and sex. Starsky/Hutch, past Hutch/Jack Mitchell. Alternate universe. Oh, yeah, and I took a stab at the omniscient viewpoint here. There are a few thoughts on writing the story at the end of the entry.

In early Victorian London, Dr Kenneth Hutchinson meets David Starsky, an actor. A close friendship soon develops, but Starsky is unsure what to make of Hutch's friend, Jack Mitchell, and the disturbing events that follow his arrival.

A Gaslight Friendship )
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Written for the 'sex' prompt on Me and Thee 100 on Livejournal.
Word Power )
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This is just two old guys in love having breakfast together, but I suspect that readers may not necessarily like me at the end of it.

1300 words, future-fic, mild slash implied

The Important Things )
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I wrote this for the Me and Thee 100 comm on Livejournal, for the one hundredth prompt celebrations, to the prompt of jealousy.


Ollie's round glass eyes seem to stare accusingly; or maybe Hutch is imagining the clear-eyed, perceptive gaze of his former owner.

'Hey,' he thinks. 'How things turned out is not my fault.' "Not my fault," he says to the darkened room, but not too loudly.

Beside him, Starsky mutters, only half awake. "Babe?"

"Go to sleep. We have a busy day at the office tomorrow."

Starsky chuckles, a sleepy burble. Hutch turns his back on Ollie, and lays his arm across Starsky's waist. Sure, he'd have learned to share. But he can't help feeling glad that he doesn't have to.
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A slash epilogue to Bloodbath, which is an episode that continues to obsess me. 3065 words, mature concepts, sex, profanity.
Small Rituals )
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The episode Bloodbath is stuck in my head. I was kind of amused that the image of Hutch as the white knight, a fairly beloved fanon, originated with Simon Marcus, who's as slimy a villain as ever made life difficult for our heroes. There's nothing explicit here, but it's about as disturbing as you think it might be getting inside Marcus's head. And slash is maybe implied, if you squint, so I'm giving this the slash tag rather than the gen.
Waking Dream )


Jul. 20th, 2010 04:15 pm
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This was written for the Me and Thee 1000 comm on LJ, to the prompt 'whumpage'. I suppose it's possible that I've accidentally lampooned some actual fanfic story situation or theme in here. If so, I do promise it was accidental. :0)

Starsky/Hutch, mild sexual references, spoilers for various episodes, 856 words.
Whumpage )
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Slash, 500 words, sexually explicit.

I wrote this after bingeing on the start of series two - Murder at Sea, Vendetta and Gillian all combined to produced this bit of PWP.

Sweat )
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This is rough, being my first go at these two characters, but you have to start somewhere. The idea was inspired by this post at the starsky_hutch comm at Livejournal

Starsky and Hutch, slash, 555 words, nothing explicit here.
Same Old )


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